Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Tuesday 7th Feb - Arrived Safe

Sorry about the delay folks. We had a slight packing malfunction and forgot the power cord for the netbook. This crisis has now been resolved and we are now in a position to resume normal service.

Online checkin certainly paid off for us as we were able to totally skip the checkin queue and go straight to the bag drop. Two minutes and we were all sorted. The flight out of Glasgow was only half an hour late despite quite thick fog. We were so pleased not to be travelling via London. We had pre-booked a pair of seats towards the back the plane and had a reasonable amount of space although Rosena did miss her welcoming glass of champagne. We still got a G&T and a glass of very acceptable Shiraz with our meal so not too shoddy. Dave watched Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - not as good as the TV series was the verdict.

Only a few minutes late into Dubai, despite circling for half an hour while before we got there. As this post is distinctly light on photos here is a shot of the seating hubbub that is Dubai airport at 2.00 a.m.

We had time to get our DF and then headed to the far end of the terminal for our Kolkata flight. This time we were on a distinctly less spacious Airbus. No bar the lights were dimmed as we took off and then restored to full glare at 3.30 a.m as breakfast service commenced. Having ordered scrambled eggs we got poached eggs like bullets in a rather nasty tomato sauce. Don't fly Emirates for the breakfast. By the time the slops were cleared the sun was rising and we were flying over India. Sadly India was covered in clouds, and as we got close to Kolkata, an impenetrable haze.

Kolkata Airport has been described , rather unkindly, as being like a railway station. It was pretty good by IR standards and we passed fairly quickly through immigration and customs. And then the fun started.

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