Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Tuesday 28th - A bit of a wasted morning.

A leisurely breakfast in the courtyard followed by an expedition to find an internet cafe
with wifi. The first auto offers us a ride to the clock tower for Rs 50/- only ten more than the hotel's suggested rate. On the basis that we weigh more than most customers we don't mind paying a little extra but when our man drops us 100 yards short and tries to tell us 50 each there is an exchange of views. D pays fifty bust. No tip for you my lad.
The market around the clock tower is just waking up so we head straight to the Rough Guide's recommended internet place - opposite the north gate of the market. No sign of it but no worry - RG says that you can't move for internet places around the market. The next place is a smelly cupboard under the stairs with no wifi. We wander quite a way and see a guest house offering free wifi but they are having a power cut.

Eventually we find the Blue House where we are promised wifi in their rooftop restaurant. Their tea and gulab jamun is very good and the views across the city are stunning but their wifi is incredibly slow. Eventually we give up and head through the alleys towards the station where there is another RG recommendation. That also cannot be found. The Jodhpur chapter of our Rough Guide is now officially toilet paper.

We do spot some interesting advertising signs as we go round. By now we are getting hot and bothered so we decide to go back to the start and ask the tourist info kiosk. Praise be we find an honest auto driver who only charges Rs 20/- and is delighted with his tip. The man at the info kiosk shows us where to go but again - no wifi so we decide to see if the power is back on where we went earlier.

"Is it possible to have a beer and use your wifi?" we ask. "Everything is possible in India". But not at the same time. We are shown up to the roof for our drink and then told that the wifi works only in the courtyard and no we can't take drinks down there because there is no licence. After the fastest Kingfisher in history we take up residence in the yard and dash off some blog, but again the connection is pitifully slow. R is taken with their doors so that's a small consolation.

We decide to pack it in and go home. Again we get an honest driver with a very smart auto, not like the wrecks that they drive around Delhi. Back at Dirag Niwas there is shade and cool and the wifi is now working splendidly. it gives us the chance to catch up with the blog etc and pack ready for our trip out into the desert. We were told three, maybe three thirty would be departure but we are on Indian time and leave at just before 4.00 p.m.

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